You can change your gender, but not your skin color

America may be ready for transgenders … but current events show we’re clearly not ready for transracials.

White people emulating black culture is something that is often explored in media. The term “wigger” started to be used sometime in the last couple of decades, referring to white people who wear baggy clothes, gold chains, pretend to be rappers and hang around black people. Or basically, Eminem.

I can’t imagine anyone has a problem with somebody saying they identify with people of another race … but to actually pretend you’re of another race, and perpetuate the deceit on legal documents while leading an organization that fights for African American civil rights, is another thing entirely.

That’s exactly what Rachel Dolezal did. And America be mad.

Dolezal was the president of the NAACP’s Spokane chapter in Washington state. After her race came under question, her parents, who are white, told reporters that their daughter has no black ancestry. She has since resigned from the NAACP, Rachel Dolezalwhich, remember, is short for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Meanwhile, Dolezal allegedly checked off “black” on recent applications as NAACP president, and also once sued Howard University, a historically black college, for discriminating against her for being white.

So that’s why people hate her.

It certainly begs an interesting question. If it’s OK for Bruce Jenner to disassociate himself with the gender he was was born as, and be legally recognized as a woman, then why can’t Rachel Dolezal identify with a race she wasn’t born as?

I guess the reason is because your race is something you’re not just born as, but inherit from your ancestors. If you’re black, then somewhere down that line you have family members who lived during a time when black people were not treated fairly. Possibly even at a time when they were not recognized as people.

Nobody in Dolezal’s lineage, however, faced that struggle. In other words, she didn’t earn her blackness.

She wouldn’t even be allowed as an extra on the ABC show Blackish. She’s less black than Robert Downey Jr.’s Australian-turned-black character in Tropic Thunder. Even Al Sharpton heard about this and said, “Yeah, I’m not touching this one.”

But in a way, I can sort of relate to Dolezal’s struggle. I personally look like a generic white, Jewish kid. But in reality, my mother is a native Puerto Rican who moved to the U.S. when she was 2, making me 50 percent Puerto Rican.

I milked the shit out of that. I check off “White” and “Hispanic” on forms. How do you think I went 7-for-7 on my college applications 10 years ago?

Except for me, it isn’t a lie. Not a single part of me identifies as Puerto Rican, and yet, I am. So it would be wrong of me to not disclose the truth when asked on forms.

Dolezal, on the other hand, is flat-out lying when she says she is black. And that ain’t cool. It gives us racially-obscure-people-who-look-nothing-like-we-really-are a bad name.

What’s next, is Gumby going to start telling people that he’s orange?

Is Homer Simpson maroon?

Before you know it, Barack Obama will start telling people that he’s really black.

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