How will you spend your extra second?

On Tuesday night we will all get the chance to YOLO like we’ve never YOLO’d before.

The age-old expressions like “seize the day,” or “make every day count” will take on extra meaning. Because we will all have the opportunity to not only enjoy an entire 24 hours on Tuesday … but 24 hours and one second.

At precisely 7:59 p.m. and 59 seconds Eastern Time (equivalent to 11:59 p.m. and 59 seconds in coordinated universal time, or UTC), the clock will, one second later, read 7:59:60, therefore making the day one extra second long.

It is a leap second.

Leap secondAnd if the prospect of a leap second doesn’t make you extremely excited, then you lack all fundamental abilities to ever be happy in life. Unless you have a pet that died recently. Then you’re excused.

It’s the 26th leap second since the correction was implemented in 1972, in order to keep our clocks perfectly in sync with Earth’s rotation.

Everybody is already planning what they want to do for that glorious extra second. John Oliver, always ahead of the game, has set up a website for you to watch humorous one-second video clips during it.

I say we use the extra time to get back to the basics. We never stop and appreciate time as it is passing by. Every single moment is one that we will never get back. With an extra second added to the day, think of every second that passes as one you get to relive again. Because we have an extra one.

If you let your Tuesday pass without acknowledging this extra second of time that we have all been given in our lives, then you are a legitimate asshole. Because it means you can’t even appreciate time when you are getting more of it.

And no joke, global firms are actually panicking over what impact the leap second can potentially can have on their electronic systems.

What is this, Y2K? It’s an extra freaking second. If you built a computer system that can’t handle it, then it deserves to malfunction.

For one moment tomorrow just before 8 p.m. EST, let’s forget about ISIS, let’s not think about Donald Trump, and let’s not remember that an overabundance of carbon emissions are ruining our planet’s atmosphere. If a leap second can’t bring us together, then nothing will.

And of course, let’s all keep an eye out for our one douchebag friend who will sit at their computer waiting to post “LEAP SECOND!” during the exact time that it happens.

We all have one.

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