Let’s talk about Alison Brie today.

After yesterday’s tragic news, I want to talk about something happy today. So let’s keep today’s post to topics only about puppies, sunshine, rainbows, double fudge brownies and Baymax from Big Hero 6.

Oh, and Alison Brie.

I never really jumped headlong on the Alison Brie bandwagon, but only because I never watched any of her shows. I’m not a Community guy, and nor have I ever watched Mad Men.

It’s easy to develop an affinity for a particular actress you watch frequently on TV. The only things I personally knew of her came from when my male friends verbally drooled over her.

Alison BrieNaturally, that led me to seek out images of her. And by gosh, she is truly perfection. I know “perfection” truly doesn’t exist because everyone has their own personal tastes. But in my eyes, it exists in Alison Brie. Again, I don’t know anything about her, but she’s stunningly gorgeous.

Sleek, dark brown hair, an unassuming smile, puffy cheeks and a pretty slammin’ body, to boot. But the best part is that her appearance does not scream “Hollywood” at you, but rather, she has the look of someone who doesn’t fully understand just how gorgeous she is. Supposedly, she has a pretty awesome personality, too.

I’ve even seen candid pictures of her taken by paparazzi as she’s walking down the street without makeup on and in a T-shirt. And she still looks like a 10. How much greatness can one girl possess? Do ugly girls hate Alison Brie?

Why am I even talking about Alison Brie, you ask? Not that I really need an excuse to discuss hot chicks, but she got engaged earlier this week to Dave Franco, the younger brother of James Franco. If you don’t know who he he is, he Alison Brie2basically looks like his older brother, but with lupus.

But I’m not one of those disillusioned Internet people who hears about an engagement and goes, “NOOOOOO, SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO MARRY ME!!!!!”

I’m happy for her, as I am for anybody who finds love. It’s not an easy thing to come across in this world, and it should be cherished and celebrated.

Fuck that. Dave Franco, I hate you with the light of a million suns.

Nah, for real though, her name popping up in the news by virtue of her engagement just gives me more reason to talk about her. So I’m good.

Yesterday’s news made me sad. Thinking about Alison Brie makes me happy.

You know what else makes me happy? Brie cheese.

I’m easily satisfied.

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