It’s … it’s … A BLUE WHALE!

Yesterday I lamented how big of a shame it is that there are eloquent, inspiring people in the world who don’t have platform in which to speak on.

Well, a viral video today showed exactly what happens when they do.

Maybe you’ve seen it. The BBC and PBS have teamed up for “Big Blue Live,” a three-day live event aiming to broadcast the annual convergence of marine life — and particularly, whales — in the Monterey Bay in northern California.

All types of whales migrate there this time of year for seasonal feeding, and the bay is legally protected from hunters.

Steve Backshall, of the BBC, was interviewing a wildlife expert in what looked to be a rather boring segment when suddenly, magic happened.

Blue whaleRemember, as a toddler, how you felt when you first saw presents under the Christmas tree? Well combine that feeling with what you’d feel right now, as an adult, if you opened your bedroom door and saw Kate Upton lying on your bed naked.

That emotion would still pale in comparison to what Backshall felt when he learned that a BBC helicopter had spotted a blue whale right near where he was filming. Not only was he excited, but a viewing of the clip shows that he is apparently the nation’s foremost expert on blue whales. He spouted more facts about the species than I know about anything.

But the passion and intense joy that Backshall exuded is enough to put anybody in a good mood, regardless of how bad of a day you were having. After pointing out that it’s the largest animal ever known to have lived on our planet and that they were almost drawn to extinction because of whalers, he called the moment “One of the most extraordinary things I’ve ever seen.”

“This is something that every single person out there should look at and take notice of,” he said. “If we protect places, they will come back, and they will come back in dramatic style.”

It was clearly a once-in-a-lifetime moment for Backshall, and he did an impeccable job not only capturing it with enthusiasm, but conveying its significance to laymen who know very little about marine life. A few more people care more about whales today than they did yesterday, and that’s all on him.

And that was all in just over two minutes.

We don’t ever need to hear Kanye West speak again. Or any celebrities who get to give a speech after they win a meaningless award, for that matter. And screw all the presidential candidates.

Give me someone who speaks from the heart with true emotion, no matter who he or she is, and I’m all ears.

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