‘Hotline Bling’ is yet another cool, calculated and brilliant Drake marketing strategy

Aubrey Graham, known by his musical alias, Drake, is good at many things.

At the top of that list is obviously rapping. You don’t sell 10 million albums, chart eight Top-10 singles and receive 22 Grammy nominations by accident.

But what the 29-year-old lint-rollingBilly Jean King posing, Degrassi acting, ESPY hosting, YOLO inspiring Jewish Canadian is best at is marketing himself. And it all started with his stage name — Drake. Plain and simple. Fun to say.

And how can you really hate him? Even if you don’t like his brand of music, the man hasn’t really done much to draw derision from the general public.

Drake Hotline BlingIf anything, he comes off as wholesome and lovable. The type of guy you hear about and say, “Aww shucks, what’s that Drake up to, now?”

Unlike many other rappers, he’s never entangled in episodes involving guns or drugs, and the biggest “controversy” on his Wikipedia page concerns lawsuits for minor accusations of misusing copyrighted material.

Dare I say it — the man is actually a role model.

And every now and then he drops a single that attracts the attention of musical observers from outside his genre. Last month, it was “Hotline Bling.” You’ve heard the song in some way. On your friend’s stereo, the radio, in the mall, or maybe in an Internet meme.

But what has caught most people’s attention is Drake’s hideous dancing in the music video. And therein lies his genius. What he does in that video does not legally constitute dancing. Heck, I’m as white as they come, and I can move better than that.

But this is all about Drake rising above of what is expected. Was it a carefully planned ploy to elevate his brand? Maybe not. But it’s all part of his shrewd cleverness. He knows what he has to do in order to continue the enigma that is Drake, and Hotline Bling is another extension of that.

Plus the song is catchy.

And I know when that hotline bling
That can only mean one thing

It just lint-rolls right off the tongue.

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