Enough sadness. It’s time to focus on the fun in life again!

Alright, time to get some positive vibes back in here. It’s been a very gloomy last few days, and though we should never forget the victims of last Friday’s attacks in Paris, we need to remember that it’s important to continue on with our lives in good spirits.

So let’s get to some fun stuff. What’s in the news?

Charlie Sheen has AIDS.

Oh, come on. This is really the top nonpolitical story in the U.S. right now? Charlie couldn’t wait like a week when the rest of the world calmed down to announce this?

Charlie Sheen AidsActually, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Charlie Sheen does not have AIDS. He did, however, tell Matt Lauer on the “Today Show” Tuesday that he’s not only HIV positive, but that he’s had the virus for four years, and that he’s paid millions of dollars to people to keep it private.

As cruel as it may sound, this might be the least surprising news ever. In fact, at the rate that he was consuming drugs and alcohol and engaging in sex with porn stars and prostitutes during his infamous 2011 partying binge, he’s pretty fortunate that testing HIV positive is all that ended up happening to him.

But he said all the right things on Tuesday, and maybe he can turn this challenging life episode into an opportunity to help others who have once struggled with drugs and addiction.

Perhaps Charlie intentionally waited until now to publicize this knowing that it would be vastly overshadowed by news in Paris. If so, it was a brilliant move on his part.

Other famous people should take note. If you have a dark secret you’ve kept hidden throughout your life, reveal it now while the world is distracted by international tragedy. Because no one will care. Even gossip blogs have shown a modicum of restraint lately out of respect to the Paris victims.

Benedict Cumberbatch, now is the time to tell people about your underground baby seal harpooning business. And Emily Blunt, you can finally share with the world that you’re an ardent follower of the Church of Scientology.

These are how rumors start.

Seriously though, I refuse to log off WordPress tonight without talking about something happy.

What’s Justin Bieber up to these days? That guy is always making a fool of himself. He’s the go-to man for unintentional comedy.

So, let’s see, top Google search for his name says: “Justin Bieber writes about friend who died in Paris attacks.” Shit. No. That’s not how that was supposed to go.

It’s OK though. Shake it off. And let’s stick with music. It’s the one thing we have always been able to rely on throughout history to distract us from reality.

What’s atop the Billboard Hot 100 right now? It’s been a while since I’ve checked.

Ah, Adele is back. That’s nice. Some song called “Hello.” I’m sure this is an energetic, upbeat song that will provide instant joy.

Time to go listen!

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