Not sleeping with your supermodel girlfriend is the ultimate act of restraint

What’s a greater feat than sleeping with a supermodel?

If you said listening to a Miley Cyrus song from start to finish without wanting to bang your head against the wall, then you’d be right.

And if you also said learning how the heck you play the game mahjong, then you’d still be right.

But neither of those are the answer I am looking for.

What’s harder then sleeping with a supermodel … is having the chance to sleep with a supermodel, and not doing it.

Enter Tim Tebow.

Olivia CulpoBefore I proceed any further, let me just say that it is invasive enough for the media to be so concerned with celebrity’s dating lives.

But to start infringing upon celebrity’s sex lives is a whole other thing altogether. It’s beyond inappropriate and should be respected as something that is totally off limits from being exploited.

So let’s continue talking about exactly that.

The world got a good, hardy laugh this weekend by reports that Tim Tebow was dumped by his girlfriend of two months, Olivia Culpo, who was crowned as both Miss USA and Miss Universe in 2012, because she could no longer deal with his celibacy.

Tebow, as most of you know, is a devout Christian who refuses to engage in premarital sex.

And while everybody loves to rag on Tim Tebow, let’s just think about this for a second. He dated a Miss Universe for two months. There’s only been 63 Miss Universes in the history of mankind. So that already puts him in the top .00000001 percent of ballers to ever live.

Also, just look at Olivia Culpo. She’s stunningly gorgeous, and probably the only person of significance to ever come from Rhode Island.

If I upset anybody from Rhode Island with that remark, then, good. It’s about time you guys got mad about something.

The amount of restraint it must have taken to not sleep with her — when she obviously wanted to, because why else would they be dating? — is something that probably very few people could ever manage.

It’s like making the grueling climb to the summit of Mount Everest, seeing the top within reach, and then just being like, “Nah, I’m good,” and turning around.

His willpower is so impressive that I think, from now on, this should be the example used when people want to reference a specific instance to describe the ultimate act of resisting temptation.

From now on, Tebowing is no longer bending to one knee in thoughtful prayer.

Tebowing is refusing to sleep with one of the most beautiful girls in the world even when she’s asking for it.

Now that is leaving a legacy.

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