We owe Mark Zuckerberg a Social Network Part 2

How many mass shootings will it take for a nation to explore stricter gun control laws?

Sadly, we may one day discover the answer to that question. According to Think Progress, the rampage that occurred in San Bernardino, California at about 11 a.m. local time on Wednesday that left at least 14 people dead was the 352nd mass shooting in America this year.

It means we have about four weeks to squeeze in 13 more so we can match the amount of shootings to calendar days. It’s with the utmost somberness that I say that while simultaneously realizing it may actually happen.

San BernardinoBut plenty remains unknown about the motivation of this deadly incident. So while we wait for that information to matriculate, let’s reserve further judgment and move onto cheerier topics. It is, after all, the night of the Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting, or as I like to call it, the night where Al Roker is just there, on my TV screen, and there isn’t anything I can do to stop it.

So what else is going on?

Oh yeah, Mark Zuckerberg is a dick.

Well, at least that’s the takeaway everyone got from the 2010 film The Social Network, which was a really good movie. Let’s be honest. It was dramatic and entertaining with a great musical score. And it also ended up being Jesse Eisenberg’s peak rather than a launching pad to future accolades, as many people thought. What happened, Jesse?

But any ill notion you still may have had about Zuckerberg’s character probably disappeared completely on Tuesday, when he announced he was going to give away 99 percent of his Facebook shares to charity — which total about $45 billion — at some point in his life.

He revealed this in an open letter on Facebook to his newborn daughter, Max, which was probably too long for people to actually read. Including myself.

I don’t care what personality flaws you have, if you’re going to donate yourJesse Eisenberg.jpg entire fortune to charity, then that automatically puts you in the same breath as Mother Theresa. Unless you have asthma. Then it might be two quick, successive breaths, separated by a small wheeze.

But The Social Network, which was based on a book by author Ben Mezrich published in 2009, portrayed Zuckerberg as a cold, selfish, conniving, ambitious, borderline sociopathic back-stabber.

And since it was a movie that most people saw, that ended up becoming the Mark Zuckerberg we all know.

Which is totally unfair. Movies adaptations inspired by real life events are just that: adaptations. It’s not a perfect retelling or a documentary. It’s simply an interpretation that picks and chooses its plot points to fit the desired narrative while amping up the drama to maximize entertainment value.

Zuckerberg-Baby-2Who knows, maybe it is accurate. Maybe he used to be a dick.

But he clearly isn’t one now.

Aside from this ultimate act of philanthropy, it’s also his goal to bring Internet access to the two-thirds of the world that does not have it.

So let’s bring the next chapter of Zuckerberg’s life to the big screen. One that focuses on his humanitarian side. I think we owe it to him. Future generations will rely on movies, and not actual biographical information, to learn about their forebears.

Someone call David Fincher. It’s time to make a sequel.

Although, if we’re going down that road, let’s make a Fight Club 2 first. Then another Se7en.

Followed by a Benjamin Button spinoff.

And then Social Network Part 2. If there’s time.

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