France’s version of Donald Trump is really, really hot.

Donald Trump may be leading in the polls among Republicans, but don’t be fooled — the majority of Americans absolutely detest him.

And there’s no word strong enough to convey the level of hatred his detractors have for him. They’re disgusted by the mere thought of him. They’re apologetic of the fact that he even comes from this country.

Politics aside, everything about the man is repugnant. His attitude, his demeanor, his diction, and most of all: his appearance.

What makes Donald Trump so easy to hate is the fact that he looks like the human being equivalent of diarrhea.

Le Pen2.jpgIt makes you wonder: if you had a beautiful woman spewing the same type of ignorance as him, would it be met with as much repulsion?

Well, let’s turn to France to find out!

The nation just held the second round of its regional elections, and one of the parties involved, the National Front, a far right, socially conservative political faction, is pushing to close France’s borders and promoting an anti-Muslim sentiment.

Sound familiar?

Though the party’s candidates won zero seats, they did receive a decent chunk of the overall popular vote — 18.74 percent, to be exact. Which shows that, in the wake of last month’s Paris attacks, their fear-mongering tactics did resonate with a lot of people.

While the party leader is a woman named Marine Le Pen, the true heir apparent is widely believed to be her niece, Marion Marechal-Le Pen, whose conservative ideals are much more extreme than her aunt’s.

Just 26 and the youngest member of Parliament in France’s modern political history (she was elected at 22 while still in law school), Marechal-Le Pen is not only anti-immigrant and anti-Islam, but anti-gay marriage.

Sounds abhorrent, right?

Well, I agree. Until I saw what she looked like. And as ashamed as I am to say it, I think she could pretty much say anything and it still wouldn’t bother me.

She could stand at a podium tomorrow and order all bloggers to be Le Pen4.jpgrounded up and waterboarded before being sent to eternal confinement in a deserted detention camp, and I’d just stare at her starry-eyed and nod.

I’d like to think I feel that way only because her positions on controversial issues have absolutely no bearing on me, as a citizen of a completely different country.

But it begs the question — just how much idiocy can a beautiful person get away with? The closest we’ve come to finding this out in America is Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter, and neither had the physical appearance to pass the test. Both are only moderately desirable at best, and only if you squint really, really hard.

For instance, what if Donald Trump’s views were instead coming from his daughter, Ivanka? Would we still feel the same way?

I won’t say I’ll ever root for Marechal-Le Pen to rise to greater power in France, but I will give France a lot of credit.

Their villains, while politically damaging, at least double as the classic femme fatale seductresses you’d see in a 1950s film noir.

Merci, my friends. Merci.

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