Forget gun control, what about hydrogen bomb control!

One thing that we have learned in the last few years is that America is simply incapable of having a serious, productive conversation about guns.

Any mere suggestion of gun control is immediately squashed by right wing supporters, hawkish lobbyists and any members of the Republican caucus.

Democrats and liberals, meanwhile, can’t wrap their head around the fact that so many people people fail to grasp the concept that less guns equals less gun violence.

Obama Gun Control.jpgHonestly, it’s just annoying and frustrating to talk about. And that was evident in the words and body language of our president on Tuesday morning, when, while announcing his Executive Order to close loopholes that enable the foregoing of background checks for certain gun purchasers, he began to cry.

And if I was the man who was in charge of a country that has started to resemble the Old West in terms of gun violence, I might cry too.

So while this debate of how to regulate guns in America rages on, perhaps we can agree on one other weapon that needs to be immediately addressed.

The hydrogen bomb.

North Korea raised international eyebrows on Wednesday when they said they detonated their first hydrogen bomb.

The U.S. has already disputed the claim, instead believing it was of the atomic variety. Which is still pretty freaking scary.

Although, on the surface, a hydrogen bomb doesn’t sound too intimidating. All most people know about hydrogen is that two atoms combine with oxygen to make water. That’s the first five minutes of high school chemistry class, yo.

Well, it turns out when scientists get their hand on the element, they can create a thermonuclear reaction that is about 500 times more powerful than an atomic bomb. Only five countries are known to have hydrogen weapons: U.S., Russia, Britain, France and China.

So even if North Korea hasn’t yet developed the world’s most powerful Hydrogen bombbomb, they’re clearly trying to.

I think that all parties, Democrat or Republican, left or right, gun opponent or supporter, can agree — let’s do everything we freaking can to make this sure this unpredictable, uncivilized nation does not get its hands anywhere near a hydrogen bomb. Even the buffoons at the National Rifle Association can’t disagree.

Because if North Korea H-bombs us, then there won’t be any guns left to argue over.

Additionally, not everyone would get to binge watch Making a Murderer on Netflix, which apparently is becoming the most “need to watch” show this side of Breaking Bad and True Detective.

Who knows, though. If Americans can actually agree to discuss safety regarding one deadly weapon, maybe it can set the groundwork for a future discussion about guns.

We’re probably all more likely to perish in a hydrogen explosion before that ever happens.


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