Golden Globes 2016: Somebody give Leo a damn Oscar

There was two standing ovations given to awards recipients during Sunday night’s 73rd Golden Globe Awards.

One was more of the sympathetic variety, when Sylvester Stallone, a fan favorite of so many people because of his beloved Rocky character, won the first major award of his career. The 70-year-old followed the warm applause with a very heartfelt speech.

The second was for Leonardo DiCaprio, quite simply, because everybody loves him, and knew it was about time he was recognized for his extraordinary career.

Sure, he won the Golden Globe two years ago for The Wolf of Wall Street in the comedy/musical category, but come on, that’s not a real award. Everybody knew the Oscar that year was going to Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyers Club.

Leonardo Dicaprio Globes.jpgThis year, he won in the drama category — the Big Leagues group — for his work in The Revenant. And you could tell that everybody sensed something. This is Leo’s year.

The man has been nominated for four Lead Actor Oscars in the past. On Wednesday, he will almost certainly receive a fifth.

The stars are aligned for him for a few reasons. For one, it’s a relatively weak year for male performances. The Revenant is definitely not his best work, but it was still an absolutely committed performance. His character suffers through torturous conditions in a dilapidated physical state throughout the movie, and getting into character for that role day in and day out must have been pure hell.

Second, it’s just the perfect time to recognize him for his career’s work. A win this year, in essence, would be a lifetime achievement award. He’s certainly not old — at 41 — but you get the feel that his days of pumping out movie after movie on a yearly basis may be coming to an end. If he doesn’t win now, there’s a chance he never will.

You may be thinking: who cares? It’s just an award. And you’re right, it is, but our country needs to do a better job of recognizing our awesome people. Leo deserves it, not just for his spectacular career, but for being just a good dude.

Many may not know this, but he is a tireless environmental activist. He just doesn’t Leonardo DiCaprio Revenant.jpgobnoxiously flaunt his beliefs in the public eye. In other words, if you were friends with him in real life, he wouldn’t be the guy who posts incessantly on Facebook sharing his views, but rather, would be happy to openly discuss it in person, if asked.

He’s also, like the majority of us, freaked out by Lady Gaga.

But, most of all, he’s just awesome at being a star. He always comes off as humble, he’s well spoken — he dropped the word “unfathomable” during his acceptance speech, for crying out loud — and he respects his peers and elders. Watch him give a shout out to veteran actor Bruce Dern during his acceptance speech two years ago.

Has this basically been a 500+ word post of me declaring my man love for Leonardo DiCaprio? Basically. Although, I’ve sort of already done that.

But the point is that it’s due time he got his Oscar. The man, almost 20 years ago, told us that he was king of the world.

Now let’s make it official.

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