The heartwarming story of the cat who looks like Adam Driver

All right, I’m going to count down from five right now, and if no major celebrity dies during that time, I’m going to go ahead with my intended feel-good post about a cat finding a home.


You guys don’t know this, but in the middle of typing those numbers I walked away to get a cookie.

But let’s proceed.

Adam Driver has made big waves recently. He got his break as a recurring character on the HBO show “Girls,” and also landed supporting roles in a bunch of movies over the last couple of years.

But it was last month when he became a household name as everyone watched him portray the villain Rylo Ken in the new Star Wars, which I somehow have still yet to see. He also hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

Adam Driver cat
There’s something inherently likable about Adam Driver. He’s weird, kinda kooky, free-spirited and has an awkward physical appearance. In many regards, he’s very anti-Hollywood, and that’s probably what makes people identify with him.

Someone like Ryan Gosling can never be universally loved because too many men hate how good-looking he is, and the fact that they will never be as attractive as him. With Adam Driver, that sense of intimidation is nonexistent because the dude just looks like a young Jack Sparrow.

Indeed, his awkward features became the source of a great viral story that popped up in the last few days, when a girl tweeted on Saturday a picture of a cat in a New Jersey animal shelter that bared a striking resemblance towards one Adam Driver.

And she’s right. It’s uncanny. Rylo Ken.jpg

The tweet quickly spread, was covered by major news hubs, and before long, there was an outpouring of requests from animal lovers who wanted to adopt the cat, which went by the name “Corey.”

Lo and behold, by Tuesday, the cat had found a home. The story was posted on EliteDaily, by none other than the executive editor of the website, who described her emotional tale: she was told Corey had already been adopted, only to be informed the family changed its mind. Upon traveling to the shelter, another woman beat her there, but ultimately backed out. Adam Driver Cat was hers.

The cat also already has an Instagram page.

So to all the animals out there, here’s a word to the wise: disguise yourself as a well-known celebrity, and you automatically increase your chances of finding a loving home.

Or just meow a lot. That always helps me get what I want.

And that’s all for me today. Come back again tomorrow everyone for some more fun stuff. Please?


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