B.o.B believes the Earth is flat

That headline isn’t even meant to be a punch line or anything. It’s just a flat-out (pun intended) truthful observation that came to the light on the Internet today. No jokes are required. It speaks for itself.

B.o.B, who had a couple of hits a few years ago — most notably the one about how he can’t seem to tell the difference between airplanes and shooting stars — and hasn’t really been heard from since.

Until Monday.

BoB.jpgCall it drugs, call it dementia, or call it simply a lack of intelligence, but the 28-year-old rapper went on a Twitter crusade to convince the world that the Earth is not round, but flat. You know, like how they believed it to be more than 500 years ago.

B.o.B posted what he believed to be convincing evidence on social media to disprove what has long been accepted as an established fact. His biggest argument? He can’t see the curve of the Earth, so it must not exist.

His proclamations gained so much attention that it warranted a response from the world’s most media-savvy scientist, Neil deGrasse Tyson.

People are going to think this is funny. And it is. But moreover, it’s scary. Because there are too many people out there who reject established science, and by doing so, obstruct progress. Like climate change, for example.

How can we save our planet when the thing that’s destroying it is still not accepted by people in our own government?

Indeed, there’s still some people out there who don’t believe in evolution.

I thought that if we could close the book on any former scientific controversy, it was the debate as to whether the Earth was flat or round. Because I’m pretty sure my pet goldfish can answer that question.

But thanks to B.o.B, the issue has returned. At least for a day.

There’s a part of me that wishes we lived in post-World War II East Germany, where people could be imprisoned for saying stupid things. With a series of tweets, B.o.B may have convinced a few highly impressionable minds that they could fall off the face of the Earth if they travel far enough.

What’s next? Is Fetty Wap going to believe the Earth does not orbit around the sun?

Will Earl Sweatshirt tell us there is no real relation between space and time?

And has Meek Mill discovered the Loch Ness Monster?

I really hope that last one isn’t true. Because I want to be the one who discovers Nessie. It’s kind of my life dream.

And I made a pledge a long time ago that Meek Mill will not stop me from my dreams. Dammit, Meek Mill. Not again.

Not this time.

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