Iowans caucusing and my thoughts on Sunday’s Grease: Live

Happy caucus day everyone! Also known as: the only day of the year where every one thinks that they kinda wish they were in Iowa, before coming to their senses a second later and realizing that anywhere else in the world would be preferable. Literally anywhere. Including Guantanamo.

Most people probably don’t care about it. But it’s worth noting that the Iowa caucuses are to political buffs what the NCAA March Madness tournament is to die-hard sports fans. Just pure, unmitigated — yet organized  — chaos, all for our viewing pleasure.

For those who have zero interest in politics or sports, then the excitement of both of those days can be equated to that time you discovered Internet porn.

Iowa caucus3And if you don’t like either of those three things, then welcome to my blog, Gollum from Lord of the Rings. It’s a pleasure to have you.

Anyway, it’ll take a while for results to come in, and even when they do, there’s no certainty that they even mean anything. Although for those who have been in significant denial, it’ll be the first real life indicator that Donald Trump’s popularity is indeed a real thing.

You guys couldn’t see, but typing that just gave me a spine-tingling shiver.

But let’s move on from Iowa, because, well, what other choice is there?

This morning before I left for work, I reached into my closet and decided to wear my leather jacket. It was a decision partly motivated by the fact that it was an astounding 50+ degree day here in New York, but I think it was also inspired, at least subconsciously, by last night’s airing of Grease: Live on Fox.

I must say, I think these television live theater renditions have been absolutely brutal. Peter Pan Live! on NBC in 2014 was one of the most lifeless, uninspiring productions I’ve ever seen. And that includes a 10-minute YouTube video of literally watching paint dry.

But Sunday night’s rendition of Grease was different. It wasn’t trying to recreate the original Broadway play, or even the film. It was a new entity on its own — one that captured and united the three mediums: theater, film and television.

It was a spectacle. The three-hour production included a live audience, transitional shots Grease live.pngof actors running to their next scene, a host (and A.C. Slater, no less), hundreds of backup dancers and very unique wide-angle and tracking shots that really brought the show to life. Jessie J was there. So was Boyz II Men, Joe Jonas and Carly Rae Jepsen.

It probably unnerved traditional theater lovers, but for the average TV watcher, I think it was much appreciated. The whole thing just came off as very current.

While it’s true that the grandiose nature of the production definitely took away from the actual story, it’s OK because everyone already knows what Grease is all about.

The cast was led by the beautiful Julianne Hough, Aaron Tveit and Vanessa Hudgens, the latter of whom deserves tremendous credit for performing just one day after her father died.

So if you missed it on Sunday, maybe check it out on the next rainy day. Maybe a rainy day that features lightning. Greased … lightning.

Alright, after that joke, I’m going to stop now and watch some more Iowa coverage.

It’ll be interesting to see Iowas determine which candidate is the one that they want, ooh ooh ooh, the one that they need.

Oh yes indeed.

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