When a blogger’s dreams come true — an eighth Harry Potter book

There are people who hold out hope for a new Batman reboot. Or an audience that craves a reinvented Star Wars trilogy. Some just want Hobbit movies to never end. We all have our favorite fictional universes.

Me? I’ve long prayed for a new installment of a series that basically defined my childhood. One that involved witchcraft and wizardry. House elves and goblins. Flying on broomsticks in mid-air chasing balls.

There’s no real way to describe Quidditch without sounding homoerotic, is there?

Well, anyway, it appears my prayers were answered. Stop the presses, everybody, because there’s an eighth Harry Potter book coming out!

Actually, wait. Do not stop the presses. Do the exact opposite. Rub some extra elbow grease on those babies.

OK, so it’s not exactly the eighth book in the series, per say, but it is indeed the eighth book, chronologically, written by J.K. Rowling, involving the Harry Potter universe.

Harry Potter books.jpg

And by golly, that is good enough for me. The book, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, will actually be a “script book” of the play of the same name that is set to open on July 30 in the UK. The book will be released by Scholastic one day later on July 31 — which, every nerd like me knows, is Harry Potter’s birthday.

When I heard this news yesterday, I seriously did some type of hybrid dance combining an Irish jig and break-dancing, and topped it off with the dab. Basically, I looked like a guest on Maury who just learned he is not the father.

It may not be a traditional book — indeed I’m wondering if the script will be converted at all to a conventional literary narrative — but it gives me more story. More magic. And more importantly, gives me an excuse to reread the entire Harry Potter book series.

Which, might I add, is like 4,000 pages combined. So that will pretty much occupy my entire summer. I think I might just put a sign on my bedroom door in May that reads “Do Not Disturb — Reading Harry Potter” and never leave.

For anyone who was too young to appreciate Harry Potter when it was in its craze back in the late ’90s and early 2000s, let me just tell you that nothing like it has ever followed. For adolescents and teenagers at the time, it made reading cool again. It broadened our imaginations. It provided a fun magical getaway before and after school. And introduced us to a whole host of characters who have since never left.

And for those who have yet to read them — then consider this your opportunity. I don’t care how old you are. It’s not too late. The story is so creative and enthralling that it transcends age.

Besides, you’re never too old for an adventure.

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