I will defend to the death a woman’s right to wear yoga pants

Anybody who reads this blog is well aware at this point that the majority of my posts are not geared towards women.

It’s nothing deliberate, but rather, a byproduct of that fact that I mainly write about things that appeal to my own personal interests. There are plenty of posts about women, and a large number where I try to understand the inner psyche of the female mind from a man’s perspective (to astonishingly little success).

But it’s time to change that. Because right now, I am going to stand up for women in a big way.

I am going to take a stance and defend something that should be — and should always be — every women’s inalienable right: their freedom to wear yoga pants.

Yoga pants

Believe it or not, this actually became a brief point of contention in one state that people probably couldn’t identify on a map even if they were handed a map of only that state — Montana.

A bill introduced by state Representative David Moore, a Republican, sought to expand Montana’s indecent exposure law, essentially outlawing any clothing that inappropriately accentuated men’s or women’s “private parts.”

Though yoga pants are not mentioned anywhere in the bill, he was quoted after a hearing as saying, “Yoga pants should be illegal, anyway.”

Now to be fair to Montana, the House quickly killed the bill. And for his part, Moore, amid the media backlash, claimed he was joking when he made the yoga pants comment.

But let this be a lesson to lawmakers everywhere. Don’t you dare to even think about the mere possibility of banning yoga pants.

Besides the notion that it’s so brazenly sexist to deny women a very specific and popular form of comfortable leg-wear, while not singling out any similar restrictions for men’s clothing, the angst against yoga pants just makes zero sense.

Guys wear sleeveless shirts to show off their arm strength. Women, more prone to focusing on sculpting their lower body, wear yoga pants as a well-earned testament of their finely-toned physique. Just as men have the right to show off their body, women do too.

While I have done yoga before, I’ve never worn yoga pants. Nor do I plan to anytime soon. But it’s easy to see that they look extremely comfortable. And let’s face it — since their widespread emergence among women in public, I’m sure the number of times men have accidentally walked into street signs or streetlights while walking on the sidewalk has increased significantly, since they’re too damn distracted to see where they’re going.

The point is — never forget Montana. If any ruthless lawmaker from Washington State to Maine, from California to Florida, or even in Alaska or Hawaii, wants to introduce any legislation that would even come close to banning yoga pants, I will hop on the first flight to wherever that state’s capital building is to picket on women’s behalf.

Now yogis, please join me in doing the mic drop pose.


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