Dear Ke$ha … I’m sorry.

Sometimes on this blog, I can tend to be a little hard on people.

But I like to think that my criticism is justified. I flay people when they deserve it, and I strike a conciliatory tone when I feel like they’ve redeemed themselves.

For example, in the past 12 months. I’ve changed course on both Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. Furthermore, the woman whose been most heavily revered on the Weinblog, Taylor Swift, has not been immune from my ridicule.

I like to think I’m fair.

So, along those lines, allow me to make amends with one celebrity that I’ve never quite taken seriously on this blog, and who has long been diminished to a mere running joke: Ke$ha.


In my defense, the girl has made herself an easy target. From the random dollar sign in her name, to the scarcity of any substance in her songs, and finally, her questionable vocal abilities, it has been hard to treat Ke$ha like a true musical artist.

But she hasn’t done me any real harm, other than making music that is barely a notch above the sound produced when extra-long fingernails scratch a chalkboard. Plus, she was 22 years old when “Tik Tok” was released in 2009.

If I were to write a song about the things I enjoyed most when I was 22, it probably would have also been about drinking and partying. And Harry Potter. And chinstrap penguins. Man, that would have been a weird song.

(I’d wonder what Taylor Swift would sing about at 22, but she’s made that quite clear.)

Anyway, for those, reasons, I think Ke$ha has earned my forgiveness. And moreover, because of her latest legal struggles, she has also earned my sympathy.

For those who don’t get their regular dose of Entertainment Tonight, because they’re too busy doing more productive things, like reading and stuff, then you may not know Ke$ha courtthat the now 29-year-old is entangled in a legal mess with her producer, Dr. Luke, over claims of sexual abuse. Ke$ha has filed a civil suit against him, citing years of intimidation and control, including instances of sexual assault. Dr. Luke has emphatically denied these claims, and filed a defamation suit in response.

Last week, Ke$ha lost an injunction that would have allowed her to record a new album while her case proceeds, without involvement from Dr. Luke. A judge ruled against her, which inspired a #FreeKesha movement, drawing support from prominent singers like Ariana Grande, Lorde and Sara Bareilles.

Taylor Swift even sent her $250,000 to assist with her legal costs, which, for some reason, made Demi Lovato mad.

Anyway, the point is, Ke$ha, I’m sorry. From now on, you will no longer be the subject of mockery on my blog. And I hope everything works out OK for you.

And as further tribute to you, I will only use lyrics from your songs as my opening lines on Tinder for one whole week.

“Ain’t got a care in world, but got plenty of beer,
Ain’t got no money in my pocket, but I’m already here.”

“Your love, your love, your love is my drug,
Your love, your love, your love.”

“Tonight we’re going har har-har ha-ha-hard,
Just like the world is our our-our our-our-ours.”

Honestly, it really can’t do me any worse than the material I was using otherwise.

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