Celebrities want us to know they are having a good time at Coachella

With fear of terrorism continuing to rise across the globe, let’s not forget another powerful force that has the ability to cause causalities in devastating numbers.

The Earth.

Our planet can cause catastrophes like no other. And that was evidenced in tragic fashion in Ecuador on Saturday, when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake ravaged the western South American country, killing more than 400 and injuring thousands.

Ecuador earthquake 2.jpg

I’m certainly not trying to make any type of statement that diminishes the threat of terrorism, but more so aiming to remind people about the amazing strength of nature.

The Huffington Post has compiled a list of ways you can help Ecuador victims.

But anyway, let’s move to a topic that, while completely different from the Ecuador earthquake, has a name that sounds just as scary — Coachella.

It’s the mother of all music festivals. And even as someone who is a music festival junkie, it’s one I’ve never been to. Part of that is because it’s on the opposite end of the country as me, but the other deterrent is that it’s one of the more crowded music festivals in the world.

And being a plain simpleton with no VIP standing, it’s just not enticing for me to make the trip only to stand amid a sea of tens of thousands of people when I can attend festivals that are much closer to home with less people in attendance.

Alessandra Ambrosio Coachella.jpgThat being said, going to Coachella is still on my bucket list. Right next to beating a penguin in tobogganing race down the side of a glacier.

But, it being a festival located in California, Coachella is a natural breeding ground for celebrities. And why wouldn’t it be? If you’re wealthy, have the time to spare, then why not head to one of the nation’s warmest places for some music?

I know this because I follow many celebrities on Instagram. Mostly of the female variety. And these past few days, my feed has been littered with Coachella pics.

You know how when we do cool things, and we want the rest of the world to know about it? Well, apparently famous people do the same exact thing.

If I happened to be at Coachella this year, I’d start taking selfies with everybody I stumbled across. Because odds are they’re probably famous. And if they’re not famous, they’re probably on acid, and you’ll be glad you stopped to talk to them. Trust me.

Also, apparently it’s mandatory to only wear hippy attire at Coachella. That’s not cliche in the slightest.

Who am I kidding. I’ve probably never written a more jealous post in my life. I would gladly switch lives with any of these famous people this week. Because Coachella Round 2 begins on Friday.

And meanwhile, here in new York, the only exciting thing we have going on is a primary election on Tuesday.

I think I’ll dress like a hippie to the polling station.

That’s sort of like going to Coachella, right?

… right?

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