I declare Ellie Kemper as our society’s current “it girl”

A side note before I begin: I will be traveling into two different time zones over the next seven days, for both work and pleasure, and may not find any time at all to blog. So if you don’t hear from for a little while, I assure you I’ll be back soon enough.

OK, now that that’s out of the way…

Every now and then I like to take a step back from the news and simply use a post to gush over an attractive female celebrity.

So let me avoid doing that and talk about Donald Trump instead.

JUST KIDDING. Hot chicks it is!

I blogged a little over a month ago about how there is no consensus “hottest woman in the world right now.” At the same time, I also could have said that there is no “it girl” currently existing in popular culture.

Ellie KemperWhat’s the “it girl?” you ask? Well, even if you didn’t ask — which you probably didn’t — I’ll tell you!

The “it girl” is someone who has burst on the scene and totally endeared themselves to audiences everywhere. Typically, the status is short-lived. In today’s age, we all move on to the next thing very quickly.

Previous “it girls” include Zooey Deschanel, Jennifer Lawrence, Anna Kendrick, Kristen Wiig, Carly Rae Jepsen, Emma Stone and Mindy Kaling. They typically tend to have bubbly personalities. It’s a prerequisite for the prestigious status.

Usually they are somebody who has just met recent success, either through a television show or movie, and because of their newness, the only thing we know about them is how much we like them. Basically, we can’t get enough of them. Until that is, the novelty wears off a few months later. (Although, I’ll never tire of Anna Kendrick.)

So who is the “it girl” right now, on March 12?

I present to you none other than the Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt herself, Ellie Kemper.

Her Netflix show, created by Tina Fey — which I’ve never watched — is getting absolutely rave reviews, and lately, she’s been making the rounds on late night talk shows.

I know Ellie from playing Erin Hannon in the later seasons of The Office, and from her Ellie Kemper2.jpgsupporting role in the movie Bridesmaids.

I liked her from the beginning because of her character’s personalities in these two roles. Quiet but quirky. And just plain cute.

And cute in an accessible way. As in, the girl you become coworkers with, and start finding ways to chat with her for several minutes a day, hopefully leading to some type of romance.

What truly won me over though, was when she recently appeared on the Daily Show. I was struck by how much her real life personality strayed from the characters she’s portrayed. The bubbliness, quirkiness and upbeat attitude was all there — thankfully — but she wasn’t even remotely shy. She was very outgoing and assertive. There was a compelling sense of confidence that she conveyed. I was impressed.

So I just wanted to take the time to praise Ellie Kemper. I’ve got nothing negative to say. She’s killing it right now with her new show, she’s currently pregnant with her first child, and she’s funny as hell. Keep up the good work.

Because in six months, a younger, funnier and equally as pretty version of you will come along and steal the spotlight away from you.

And I will probably devote a blog post to fawning over her.

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