It’s fun to mock Pokemon. But let’s not get too righteous.

Well, after more than a full day of outrageous denials from the Trump campaign regarding accusations of plagiarism in Melania Trump’s Monday night speech, we finally have an explanation.

It was a speechwriter’s fault.

Call this the shock of the century. In other news, the sky is blue, the Shawshank Redemption is a great movie, and Taylor Swift is writing a breakup ballad right now.

Apparently, Melania Trump shared excerpts from past speeches that inspired her to this expert writer over the phone, who jotted them down without realizing they were word-for-word recitations. She then incorporated them in her speech for Melania.Melania Trump2

The writer, named Meredith McIver, reportedly offered her resignation to Donald Trump, who refused to accept.

And that puts at least a temporary camp on #SpeechGate, though I doubt we have heard the last of it.

But let’s shove politics aside. Instead I’d like to talk a little about Pokemon. Again.

It’s been two weeks since the game was released, and the craze surrounding it has not subsided. And while many people have expressed at least a tepid interest in the game, it’s a small minority who are actually becoming obsessed.

I’m talking about the people who are traveling long distances, or camping out in fields, or storming Central Park at midnight just to fill out their Pokemon collection.

Pokemon Go2

And those are the people who are being judged. I’ve heard the commentary. They’re being told to get lives, to play more sports, to get girlfriends. Basically, they’re being bullied.

It’s one thing to make fun of the game and its players in a lighthearted way. But it’s another to actually be malicious. Why are people becoming so angry? These kids are having fun playing a game that is harmless.

Would you prefer they engage in drugs and alcohol instead?

Plus, it’s 2016. Kids and young adults are on their phones all of the time, anyway. At least with Pokemon Go, they have some sense of direction as to where they’re going, since the game uses GPS. It beats accidentally walking into traffic while sending incessant amounts of text messages.

I think people who are quick to judge Pokemon players are simply misdirecting their own insecurities. We only get one life to live. If people want to spend it playing Pokemon Go, then more power to them.

And one last note that shows that Pokemon participants are fine people. A children’s hospital in Australia actually had to ask people to stop dropping “lures” (items that attract Pokemon) outside the building, because the patients are too sick to go and retrieve them.

Sure, they may have been inconveniencing hospital workers and accidentally putting sick children’s health at risk, but their hearts were in the right place.

What have you done lately to try and help sick children?

Garry MarshallAlright, one last thing before I go. Film director Garry Marshall passed away on Tuesday night. He was apparently a beloved figure for his kindness and generosity, as evidenced by the outpouring of genuine emotion by Hollywood in response to his death.

I won’t deny that I have been a bit critical of Marshall’s recent work (he was responsible for bringing us Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, and released this past April: Mother’s Day), but he also brought us iconic TV shows and movies like Happy Days and Pretty Women.

But don’t believe me, rather, read the heartfelt message written by Anne Hathaway on her Facebook page.

It’s quite a tribute.

Expect Melania Trump to express similar — if not identical — sentiments later tonight.

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