There’s more you can do to help Louisiana than complain about who visits

We are now in the second week of Louisiana’s historic flooding. More than a dozen people have died. Almost one-third of the state’s parishes are underwater. And some 60,000 homes are damaged.

And yet, the story of the day on Tuesday was not about the destruction, the displaced or the recovery efforts — but about the timeliness of President Obama’s visit to tour the wreckage.

Gotta love American politics, right?

Obama, of course, was on his last vacation before gearing up for the final months of his presidency. Many critics — including an editorial from a Louisiana newspaper — expressed their dismay that he didn’t cut his getaway short to pay a visit.

Louisiana flooding2

The critics were barking even though Louisiana’s governor said the federal government has given them everything they need, and despite the overall consensus that FEMA has been doing a good job.

Indeed, Louisiana’s governor, John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, said last week that it would be more pragmatic for Obama and any other major politician to visit weeks after the flooding, so as not to distract from the recovery efforts. The next day after that warning, of course, Trump visited.

Although, it’s unfair to completely dismiss the criticism of Obama when the same thing transpired 11 years ago, when George W. Bush was president, and he was “slow” to visit the state following Hurricane Katrina.

The only difference is that FEMA’s response to that disaster was calamitous. Obama Louisiana

Nonetheless, the politicizing of natural disasters is just stupid. People’s lives are ruined — some lost — and the best we can do is condemn someone for visiting five days late? Is a president supposed to go in and scoop up all the water himself? (Or herself — just sayin’)

I challenge all the complainers to answer me this — why don’t you go to Louisiana? Why don’t you go and make a difference?

Don’t have the resources or the ability to go? Fine, a local news website has created a resource for how you can help each affected region. The Louisiana government has also created an online database for volunteer opportunities.

This is an opportunity to put our money where our mouths are.

And I know I am being hypocritical. Me criticizing the criticism is, in a sense, distracting from the real issues at hand. But somebody has to pour some sense into this lunacy.

Heck, why is only Obama blamed for a belated visit?

Why don’t we get mad at Kanye for not going? Where’s Taylor Swift at?

And shouldn’t Justin Beiber at least tweet about it? He has more than 86 million followers! He honestly has the ability to raise more awareness than anybody else in the world. He wouldn’t even need to elaborate. Just a simple tweet reading “Louisiana” would become an instant trending topic.

You can pretty much just start writing “Loui” on your phone and it will autofinish to Louisiana. You don’t even need to spell it right.

You all blame Obama. I blame Beiber.

Come at me.

Oh, and donate to the links above.

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