The end of ‘Hiddleswift.’ Or … did it ever begin?

Alright, so I’ve been itching to talk about this topic ever since the news broke two days ago.

The end of yet another Taylor Swift relationship. This time, with English actor Tom Hiddleston, probably best known as the bad guy in the Avengers movies.

The unlikely pairing began their relationship shortly after Taylor broke it off with Scottish DJ Calvin Harris. 

I try my best not to even spend a second of my day thinking about celebrity relationships, but it’s hard to totally ignore Taylor Swift’s personal life given the media frenzy it attracts — the singer herself recently decried the fact that she’s become a “national lightning rod for slut shaming.”

And, full disclosure, I have blogged about it before on this blog.

But even so, I couldn’t help but think that something did not feel right about this new romance, cutely dubbed as “Hiddleswift.” (Side note, I’ve already figured out what my Taylor Swift relationship nickname would be — Swiftgrad. It only makes sense if you know my last name.)


For one, he’s nine years older than her. Which — while notable — is nothing crazy. But still. Ask any 35-year-old how much they have in common with today’s 26-year-olds.

Second, Hiddleston is a stoic, refined dramatic actor. Taylor is a glamorous international pop star. Tom Hiddleston should be dating, like, Kate Middleton’s cousin or something.

Taylor should be dating, well, someone like Calvin Harris.

But the heart wants what the heart wants, right?

Well, maybe I wasn’t so wrong to carry such suspicions. Shortly after their breakup went public on Tuesday night, I was made aware that there are actually conspiracy theories out there suggesting that the relationship was all one big hoax.

And I don’t mean a couple crazy people posting on Reddit. There are actually extensively-researched articles that go into explicit detail to provide evidence why Swift and Hiddleston staged the entire thing.

The theory is that Taylor — fully aware of her reputation and the media’s tendency to exploit her love life — planned with Hiddleston, a talented actor, to pretend to be in a relationship, with the goal to include the footage of them together in her next music video, which would be a parody of all her past relationships.

The thinking is that Taylor was using the paparazzi for her advantage, and letting them do all of the work for her.

What makes the theory so convincing is that the articles point out that the photos of Hiddleswift together are eerily similar to old photos of Taylor’s past relationships.

Similarities include the setting, her wardrobe, the poses, etc.

I know it’s out there and even a little far-fetched. But could you blame Taylor for wanting to have a little fun with the media, after all they’ve put her through?

With that, the Weinblog officially endorses this theory. Forget Trump-Clinton, this is the most pressing question our country faces right now.

I hope we find out the truth Swiftly.

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