Pneumonia may keep me off the blogging trail for a couple of days

OK, so I do not actually have pneumonia. Thankfully, I have never had pneumonia before. In fact, with the exception of a one or two colds a year, I am fortunate to be a healthy individual with a strong immune system.

*guaranteed he will now have pneumonia in about two weeks from now*

It’s understandable that there are many jobs that require solid fitness and health in order to be performed. Whether it’s because a job requires physical strength, or mental fitness, whatever.

But few jobs actually require you to prove your health. Sure, there’s a routine physical, but let’s face it, that’s just to check if you’ve smoked pot in the last couple of weeks.

And you probably have.

But there’s no job that requires greater scrutiny on this subject than that of president of the United States.

We demand that anyone who runs for president is healthy, and that they prove it. This of course has become a greater issue recently amid this year’s presidential race, not only because the two candidates are among the oldest we’ve ever had, but because Hillary Clinton basically passed out last weekend while attending an event in New York City on the anniversary of 9/11.

Hillary Clinton faint.jpg

Health has played a larger role than usual in this year’s election. Both candidates initially released insufficient medical records. Then Clinton fainted, is taking time off to recuperate, and on Wednesday released a more in-depth health history.

Trump meanwhile, after originally releasing a doctor’s note declaring that he would be the “healthiest individual ever elected,” will appear on the Dr. Oz show on Thursday to discuss his health in greater detail.

Even President Obama, campaigning for Hillary in Philadelphia on Tuesday, encouraged his observers to do some impromptu stretching after an audience member fainted.

In other words, this crazy presidential race is not becoming any more normal. Quite the opposite.

I understand that we want the person calling the shots in our country to be in full control of their faculties, but come on, it’s not like we’re asking them to represent our country in the decathlon. We’re not electing Ashton Eaton here.

As long as they’re not on their death bed, and suffer no mental illness, then I don’t need to know that they once suffered from gout 10 years ago. Or that they have an irritable bowel. It’s the textbook definition of TMI.

The New York Times on Tuesday revisited some of our past presidents who suffered health problems. William Henry Harrison, of course, died weeks after being elected, supposedly from pneumonia. Franklin D. Roosevelt was paralyzed and eventually died during his fourth term in office. Even John F. Kennedy was much less healthier than he let on.

So this is nothing new.

But Clinton returns to the campaign trail on Thursday. Can we please talk about the issues from then on?

That’s probably too much to ask.

On another note, I am going to start advocating for bloggers to release their health records. Because I am confident that once everyone does, the world will see that I am the healthiest individual to ever blog.

Yeah I share a doctor with Donald Trump.

Deal with it.

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