‘Teacher Bae’ is what happens when we have nothing else to talk about

One of the most inconsequential, harmless controversies of 2016 emerged on the Internet this week, so innocuous that it probably can even be downgraded from “controversy” to “point of discussion.”

Teacher Bae.

Even if you don’t recall the name, you may have seen a picture some time during the week of Patrice Brown, a black fourth-grade teacher from Atlanta who has a penchant for posting photos of herself wearing an enthusiastic, jolly grin while posing inside of her classroom.

One would think this is a good thing. It’s refreshing to see one of our nation’s educators carry a sense of enthusiasm in the workplace. That’s the kind of person you’d want teaching your kids, right?



Rather, people have been condemning the attire of Ms. Brown, calling it inappropriate for a classroom setting. Even though the clothes she’s wearing are pretty much as normal as it gets.

Unfortunately, as things often do in today’s America, the story has taken on a racial tone. It’s not her clothes that people are having a problem with, some are saying — but her curves.

And it’s hard to argue when the Huffington Post pointed out that the very same dress that looks “curvy” and “inappropriate” on her looks perfectly regular on your average white woman that doesn’t have curves.

You know, in a way, we should consider ourselves fortunate that the news was so slow this week that this actually made headlines. It means there was no terrorist attack, no stupid Donald Trump remark, and no Taylor Swift breakup.

I think sometimes we also forget how young teachers are. When we were 7 or 8 and in elementary school, then yes, our 25-year-old teacher seemed ancient.

So let’s stop pretending that in cities all across America, our youth isn’t being educated by young, attractive, intelligent and independent females who grew up in a digital age where posting photos of themselves is commonplace. It’s the furthest thing from scandalous, and trust me, there’s teachers out there exhibiting much worse behavior than posting happy photos inside a classroom.

The only reason I wouldn’t want Patrice Brown teaching my own kids is because of her lack of competence as an educator — which we know nothing of. As long as she gets her students excited to learn, than I’m all in.

Patrice, you do you girl. If anyone’s hatin’, it’s because they wished they looked as good as you.

And if it means anything, my own intelligence level barely eclipses that of a fourth grader.

Think about it.

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