The first presidential debate: finally, a chance to think for yourself

Well, after a year and a half of what has been a very difficult presidential election to stomach at times, we’ve finally arrived at a day of actual importance.

The first presidential debate.

It’s funny because the average American has long had an opinion on this election. Where they got it from is anyone’s guess. Maybe they actually took the time to educate themselves and read well-reported print articles on both candidates.

Maybe they caught snippets on TV news, which, for the most part, is limited by time from telling the whole story.

Or, sadly, they probably get most of their news from Facebook memes conceived by groups that have a very specific agenda.

Because of the longevity of this race, people are probably starting to feel numb to politics at this point. And thus, they lack interest in tonight’s debate.

Clinton Trump.jpg

But in reality, today is the first day that actually matters. And if you actually want to make an informed decision about which candidate you prefer, then tonight is not optional. It’s obligatory.

Unfortunately, most people will come in with their preconceived notions and probably will not be able to have their viewpoint changed.

America takes an astoundingly long time to choose their leader. When David Cameron resigned following Brexit, it took the United Kingdom all of five minutes to replace him with Theresa May.

You could have lived under a rock for the past 18 months. It wouldn’t matter. As long as you tune in from this point on, you will be exposed to everything you need. We have three full debates to get a measure on both candidates.

Watching a presidential debate is one of the single most effective ways to form an opinion. If you don’t care, that’s one thing. But if you’ve been making your thoughts and opinions heard, and you don’t watch — or worse, watch it with a closed mind — then, well, shame on you.

As I wrap this up, the debate is set to start in 20 minutes. It may not be pretty at times, but personally, I find it refreshing that we will finally see the two candidates in a room together, side-by-side, discussing the issues that actually matter to us.

In a 90-minute debate, there is no where to hide.

So I implore all of you to tune in, and gauge both of them by what you see and hear.

Tomorrow, we will see endless commentary over who “won” the debate. But all that truly matters is what you personally took away from it.

People will also be quick to say that there is no real winner. That the loser is us, the American people, for being stuck with those two candidates.

But the real losers, in my opinion, are the ones that remain ignorant.

Get the popcorn ready.

Let’s do this.

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