Debate 2016: the day after — also known as: “What the heck did I just watch?”

The first 25 minutes of Monday night’s first presidential debate began like everyone thought it would.

Hillary Clinton did her best to appear calm and composed, emblematic of her claim that she has the proper demeanor and steadiness to be our nation’s Commander in Chief.

Donald Trump, meanwhile, came out like an attack dog. He immediately released his major talking points — deriding Hillary as an ineffective career politician whose decisions on trade have severely affected the economy — in his typical loud and abrasive manner. And like in the Primaries, he showed little interest in adhering to traditional debate decorum.

Trump Clinton debate.jpg

Hillary, showing no desire to get into a shouting match with her opponent, let most of his insults slide.

All the while, moderator Lester Holt stayed quiet.

For those 25 minutes, it legitimately appeared that Donald Trump might bully his way into the White House.

And then the rest of the debate happened.

Unlike the Primary debates, Trump was allotted more time to respond to questions, and therefore had to follow through with his answers. He couldn’t rely on his many sparring partners to finish his dirty work for him.

And unlike the Primaries, he was squaring off against some one who actually knew what they were doing.

As a result, America got a full dose of what Donald Trump is really like. His ignorance on practically every subject pertinent to being president was in the spotlight. He blabbered incoherently into the night, was fact-checked on multiple occasions by Holt, and repeatedly came off as a petulant child.

Polls and analysis show that Hillary won the debate handily, and thus her numbers are likely to go up. But we are just 12 days away from the next debate, and Trump has implied he may “hit harder” when the times comes.

In other words, we’ve got a long way to go.

I only hope that Americans did truly watch and actually get to see with their own eyes what these candidates are really like. Because there’s nothing worse than the person who stubbornly dismisses both candidates and ignores a golden opportunity to learn who they are.

Because if you watched the debate, and you actually care about this country, then there shouldn’t be much of a question of who you should vote for.

But then again, Trump is such a bad candidate that, in some people’s eyes, he probably brought Hillary Clinton down with him by virtue of being on the same debate stage with him.

Oh well. At least we made it through the first one.

If you feel a little disenchanted by the whole process and need a little pick-me-up, then enjoy Buzzfeed’s compiling of Trump debate quotes purposely designed to look like inspirational quotes.

It’s where you’ll see amazing material like this:

Trump quote.jpg

You are welcome.


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