Trump’s failure to pay his taxes should enrage every law-abiding American (it probably won’t)

Thirty-six more days until Election Day. Breathe, people. We’re almost there.

As the reality of Donald Trump possibly stealing this election from Hillary Clinton has become more and more plausible over the last several weeks, it’s pretty evident that media outlets have tried their best to one-up each other to produce the story that destroys Donald Trump.

Any reasonable person understands that a Trump presidency could have a devastating impact on our nation and our global standing.

Therefore, it’s hard to blame the media for going extra hard at Trump. By not doing so, they are an accomplice to our country’s inevitable downfall.

First it was the Newsweek story about how Donald Trump’s web of relationships and business dealings (both good and bad — but mostly bad) with foreign leaders through the Trump Organization would make it nearly impossible for him to make foreign policy decisions as president without there being a significant conflict of interest.

Yet, nobody seemed to care.


Then there was the Washington Post story about how Trump is guilty of self-dealing, often using his charitable foundation as a piggy bank to pay off business expenditures.

Somehow, people still didn’t care.

But on Saturday, the New York Times may have hit the motherlode. After months and months of scrutiny over why Trump has not released his tax returns, the publication was anonymously sent a excerpt of his tax records from 1995, which indicate that he could have avoided paying federal income tax for nearly two decades.

We know it’s true because the campaign has yet to deny the report, and the Republican spin machine has already begun. Trump himself said on Monday that he “brilliantly” used tax codes for his benefit.

A day earlier, Trump surrogates said this revelation shows how intelligent Trump is, and that it validates why he should be elected because he’s the only one who is knowledgeable enough to fix our broken tax codes.

But, in truth, this should anger every single American citizen because it relates directly to what is wrong with our country’s economic policies and why people feel it’s designed to favor the wealthy.

Hint: because it is.

If Donald Trump wants to cheat the system as a businessman — fine. But that should disqualify him for president.

It is every American’s civic duty to pay their taxes. We all do it. We all complain about it.

But in our hatred for taxation, we forget that this it is our tax money that gets distributed throughout our country to benefit the people and institutions that need it most — the poor, our schools, our military, our infrastructure. By not paying federal income taxes for almost 20 years, Trump has not done anything for any of those things.

And that is just unacceptable for someone who is now trying convince us that he is the only one who can fix our country — when we now know that he embodies everything that is wrong with it.

Mark Cuban said it best five years ago. Get rich — get disgustingly rich, if you can — but pay your damn taxes. It’s your patriotic duty.

Donald Trump is no patriot and cares about nothing unless it serves his own personal interests.

If you haven’t realized that by now, then I don’t know what to tell you.

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