You say you want a revolution?

All throughout history, we’ve learned about the amazing power — and devastation — of a national revolution.

The French Revolution. American Revolution. Russian Revolution. Revolutionary Road. Prince and the Revolution.

OK I got a little carried away there with the last two, but you get the point.

Revolutions happen. And not just in the past. Take a look at the Arab Spring, which saw (two!) successful revolutions in Egypt and another in Tunisia, and failed ones in Libya, Syria and Yemen that are having terrible consequences on not only their respective regions, but the entire world.


Remember, it’s only a revolution if it works. Otherwise, it’s a failed uprising and a civil war. And nobody wants that. Those are the ones that are stowed away in history books as things we’d like to forget.

And while contemporary revolutions may seem feasible in third world countries, or as in the Middle East, in states that were formed arbitrarily in the aftermath of World War II, they would never happen in developed countries, right?

The idea of an American Revolution occurring in 2016 is utterly laughable, right? We pride ourselves in being the most technologically advanced, powerful and diverse country in the world, right? We may throw around Twitter garbs like it’s nobody’s business, but we’d never actually have a real-life, revolt, right?


Apparently, some don’t agree.

At a campaign rally in Iowa on Tuesday, Trump running mate Mike Pence actually had to dissuade a supporter who was calling for a revolution if Hillary Clinton were to become president.

The comment was so outlandish that even Pence looked mortified, and wasted no time responding “No, don’t say that.”

Granted, Pence is only looking ahead to running for president in 2020 on the Republican ticket, so a revolution is the last thing he wants.

But this is the toxic and dangerous state we have found ourselves in after an unprecedented, nasty yearlong presidential election. The rhetoric from both sides — though it’s 100 times worse from one end — has been so divisive and so discordant that partisan supporters can’t even imagine a world where the other side wins.

And that is scary.

Think about what a revolution actually is. Rebels taking to the streets with weapons, preparing to injure, maim or even kill any one who opposes them.

Because of the propaganda and demagoguery (yes I learned that word in Sunday’s debate — thanks Hillary) coming from Donald Trump, there are actually people out there who he’s incensed so greatly that they’re ready to reject the outcome of our democratic election.

And at least one person is Iowa is ready to revolt.

In the past, it was secret newsletters that were circulated privately among rebel factions to ignite a revolution. Maybe now the new call for action in the digital age will come from blogs.

Well, consider this a call for inaction.

America, don’t revolt.I repeat: do not. A lot of people will be pissed regardless of who wins on Nov. 8. That’s inevitable. But trust me, a bloody revolution is far worse.

Just stick to what you do best and make monstrous comments on Facebook and Twitter.

I can’t believe I just encouraged that.

Sigh. Donald Trump wanted to make America great again. Looks like he made America hate again.

Good job, dude.

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