No Donald. This is not what men talk about inside of a locker room.

Donald Trump has, for months, made me ashamed to be an American.

But now, he’s made me ashamed to be a man.

Why? Because I have had more than one woman approach me since last Friday, genuinely wondering if Donald Trump’s words that were caught on video from 2005 are truly what the average man discusses inside of a locker room.

Because by excusing it as simple “locker room talk” — and with GOP representatives saying they’ve heard much worse on a regular basis — it’s led women to believe that every man discusses sexual assault in a locker room.

On this blog, I offer my opinion on a lot of subjects. I try my best to stay impartial and to recite information that I know to be credible. But rarely do I consider myself as a legitimate, first-person source or expert who is able to speak knowingly about a current topic based on experience.

However, as a man who has been in locker rooms many time in his life, I can unequivocally say that the language used by Donald Trump in that video is not locker room talk.

Locker room talk.jpg

First of all, men don’t speak in locker rooms. Once we enter, our goal is to leave as soon as possible. Most men go out of their way to avoid having to be inside a locker room. They’ll change in their car. Or wear their sweaty clothes home.

And we certainly don’t look around for people to start conversations with.

If we do happen to do that, then we talk about life — as many professional athletes have attested to. We talk about our jobs, our families, our good news and our bad news.

Do men talk about women? Of course. Do we use verbiage that we would likely not use if a woman were part of the conversation? We do.

But there is a major difference between using crude language and bragging about committing sexual assault — as Trevor Noah pointed out on the Daily Show on Monday.

Making things worse, at least one GOP Senator refused to acknowledge that the actions Trump were describing in the video even qualified as sexual assault. Which means that, because of Donald Trump, we’ve actually reached a point where sexual assault is being trivialized.

As if Donald Trump hadn’t done enough.

I personally am offended and ashamed by Trump’s assertion that this is common behavior among men. Because it is not. I can not recall one instance in my life where I heard a man brag about forcing himself upon a woman without consent. And if I did, I certainly would not laugh and play along with the banter.

We’re just 27 days away from it being over. And if you look at the polls, it appears increasingly likely that Donald Trump’s presidential aspirations will finally come to an end — all thanks to a woman.

If that’s not sweet, poetic justice, then I don’t know what is.

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