Selfie takers, beware. You may be arrested on Nov. 8

My stance on selfies has evolved over the years. But it’s mainly because I’ve come to accept their universality in a smartphone-ubiquitous world rather than the fact that I now enjoy them.

They’re like mosquitoes. They’re annoying, responsible for killing people, but are never going to go away. So we might as well just live with it.

Thus, I don’t have a fervent hatred for them like I used to. My distaste for them was so great at one point, that if selfies were actually declared illegal, and people who took them were thrown in jail, I probably wouldn’t have even minded.

Little did I know, that may actually end up being the case in less than two weeks.

Millennials everywhere were put on high alert when news broke that Justin Timberlake may have broken a state law when he took a selfie of himself while casting his early ballot in this year’s presidential election.

Timberlake selfie.jpg

The Memphis-born singer-songwriter has a large presence on social media, and being an outspoken advocate for Hillary Clinton, obviously felt compelled to set an example to his followers of the importance of voting.

Instead, Timberlake highlighted the outdated nature of our current laws, which in some states, ban photography of any kind inside polling stations.

I say it’s outdated because these laws exist to protect people’s right to privacy while voting. But privacy doesn’t exist anymore. Everyone shares their political views on social media, so it really shouldn’t come as a secret to learn who is voting for who, whether it’s a friend of yours or a celebrity.

Heck, with Donald Trump continuously forewarning of a rigged election, maybe selfies are exactly what we need to shut him up. If everybody took a photo of themselves voting and posted it on social media, then we’d actually have a form of accountability of who voted.

Just in case you’re wondering, states that ban photography in the voting booth include Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

If you’re from the 33 other states, then selfie your heart out.

Amazingly, the D.A.’s office in the county where Timberlake cast his vote initially said they were going to review whether the musician broke the law.

Ultimately, the office said on Wednesday that they will not be investigating the matter, which could have carried a penalty of a $50 fine plus 30 days in jail. So Justin will not be thrown into the N’Clink.

The worst joke of all time? The worst joke of all time.

Another official from the D.A.’s office reportedly told the Associated Press that they were “thrilled Justin can’t stop the feeling.”

It’s too bad it wasn’t Nick Carter who was caught taking the ballot selfie.

Then that same official could have said that the need to vote is “larger than life.”

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