Jeff Sessions, you’re the next contestant on ‘How Racist Are You, Really?’

It’s been two months since Donald Trump shocked the world, pulling off a stunning upset to defeat Hillary Clinton in the electoral vote and claim the presidency.

Since then, he has been cherry picking his cabinet with people he feels are best equipped to execute his agenda.

And the nation has paid close attention. People haven’t cared this much about an assemblage of individuals since the last time NBC replaced its judges on The Voice.

For the most part, people have gone in wanting to hate all of his selections. But unless you spend every day of your life researching politics, the majority of us had never heard of Trump’s selections until they happened.

And when they were announced, we sought immediate validation that they were awful.

Basically, the announcement is made, we read the first article about them we can find, and skim it until we find key words.

“Elected to the Senate in the 1980s … yada yada … served on some committees … don’t care … is anti-immigration … not scandalous enough … was once called a racist! There. There it is. I hate him. BOO TRUMP. BOOOOOO.”

Sessions testifies during his confirmation hearing to become U.S. attorney general

To be fair, a lot of Trump’s selections are controversial. Betsy DeVos, the choice for education commissioner, is a major proponent of charter schools. The selection of Tom Price for Health and Human Services warranted more than 5,000 doctors to sign a petition opposing him.

But there were some good choices, too. General James Mattis for defense secretary. Don Coats as director of intelligence. Gov. Terry Branstad as ambassador to China.

And then there’s Jeff Sessions.

As Trump’s choice for attorney general, he has been by far the most controversial.

Critics point to his 1986 rejection by Congressional Republicans to become a federal judge after accusations that he made racist comments to a colleague. The NAACP recently held a sit-in in his office to voice their disapproval.

His supporters, meanwhile, point to him overseeing the prosecution of a highly publicized hate crime in Alabama — the lynching of a black man by the Klu Klux Klan — while he was the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District in the early ’90s, a case that people say led to the demise of the KKK in Alabama.

However, an excellent article by the Atlantic this week shows that Sessions’s role in the case has been highly overstated.

Sessions’s Senate confirmation hearing began on Tuesday. Unsurprisingly, protesters interrupted the proceedings at times, some dressed in KKK garb.

I think this is the circus we can expect from here on out, and it’s incited by the theatrics of Trump himself. This is the new normal. But when else can you expect when you elect a reality TV star as president?

In short, our government has become a reality show. Hey, it makes for some good blog fodder.

Speaking of which, tomorrow, I plan to have a nice recap on President Obama’s farewell address on Tuesday night, which should be an extremely memorable speech. It’s hard not to appreciate that this essentially marks the conclusion of our first African-American president.

Of course, that could be overshadowed if even bigger news were to pop up over the next 24 hours.

But what can outweigh Obama’s farewell address?!

Oh. This.

Buckle up. it’s not even Jan. 20 yet.

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