Trumpocalypse 2017: the first casualty

Disorder. Chaos. No one knows who to trust. The enemy is closing in. And one by one, people are disappearing.

No, I am not describing an episode of the Walking Dead.

It’s the Trump administration.

Initially, people described Trump’s rise from outsider candidate to presidential hopeful as a reality show. At times during the first couple weeks of his presidency, with Trump rewarding those who remained loyal to him with cabinet positions and scorning those who didn’t, it resembled a soap opera. Now? It’s a straight up horror show.

Michael Flynn’s resignation as national security advisor – the first casualty of this tumultuous administration – comes amid reports of near anarchy within Trump’s security council.

And this dysfunction comes at a time when other regional powers – Russia, China, Iran – are feeling emboldened and are testing the limits of this new regime.

Flynn’s resignation ties directly into the Trump campaign’s – potentially illegal — dealings with Russia prior to his election, and raises more questions of how complicit the two sides were in undermining this past election.


It also raises the question of whether Flynn violated the Logan Act, a statute that forbids private citizens from speaking with foreign leaders to influence policy. Flynn’s conversations with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak (the source of the controversy) happened around Christmastime, when Flynn still had no official position. No one has ever been persecuted under the act before.

These discoveries are just circulating now, a couple days after President Trump was dining with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago club when reports of North Korea’s ballistic missile launch surfaced, and pictures immediately hit the Internet of the two leaders reacting to the news with their respective administrations.

All in the public eye.

People wanted change in Washington. They wanted an outsider. They wanted to “drain the swamp.”

They got what they wanted. And we are witnessing the consequences of it. This is what happens when incompetent people are put in charge of the most powerful and complex agency on earth.

In the waning days of the Obama administration, I wrote that these pockets of incidents between the United States and Russia had all the makings of a second Cold War.

But we now know that Obama was right to be stern on an audacious Russia.

The attitude between the two countries suddenly softened when Trump took over, and now we’re trying to figure out why. And it all dates back to Flynn.

It would be an insult to our intelligence to assume that Trump was completely unaware of Flynn’s actions. And in the midst of an investigation into Russia’s interference in our election with the goal of electing Donald Trump, it’s equally as insulting to tell us that the two are not interconnected.

News media, I know you’re basically viewed by half of this country as scum, but we need you to bear down more than ever.

Investigate this like you’ve never investigated before. The 21st century is still waiting for its Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. We need answers. Me and Dan Rather demand it of you.

Until then, we wait and see.

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day, people. I devoted the proper amount of attention to that in this post, right?

I’m clearly alone and have no one.

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