Our conspiracy theorist-in-chief

In the month-and-a-half since this regime took office, it’s become apparent that news will cycle very quickly.

A big story to start a day will fade by dusk. Something that happened on Monday may as well have happened a decade ago by the time Friday rolls around.

Just trying to keep up with it all elicits emotions ranging from a sensory overload at best to mental exhaustion at worst. And if you happen to go away for a weekend and are separated from the news, then forget it. By the time you catch up, six more things will have happened.

Some say it’s a premeditated strategy by this administration to be so hyperactively outrageous that it fatigues us into caring anymore. So far, it hasn’t worked.

In the last few days, three very important things have happened:

  1. Jeff Sessions recused himself from any further investigations into the ties between Trump’s administration and Russian officials.
  2. Trump issued a revised travel ban.
  3. Republican lawmakers issued their alternative to the Affordable Care Act.

But what are talking about? An unsubstantiated conspiracy theory tweeted by a man who has a proven history of recklessly pedaling false accusations.

Trump Obama

Trump’s tweetstorm about Obama wiretapping him is a smokescreen. It’s a means to distract us from the real issues at hand, and it’s working. Has it completely detracted the Trump-Russia talk? No. But it has prevented people from focusing their attention on Jeff Sessions and the travel ban.

I wrote a couple weeks ago about my biggest fear: that Trump is soiling the minds of young thinkers by validating an aversion to facts.

It’s only getting worse.

As president, he has access to the most detailed intelligence briefings that any human on this planet can receive. And yet, he still gets his news from conservative talk show hosts and right-wing websites that promulgate bigotry and conspiracy theories.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I find it embarrassing to have a president who is constantly insulting my intelligence. And to make matters worse, the White House then parades its talking heads onto talk shows to try to somehow spin the president’s words to a more pragmatic level.

It’s literally making me feel dumber to witness this craziness.

Two shootings that by all accounts appear to be prototypical hate crimes occurred in recent days: an Indian couple were shot in Kansas, and a Sikh man was shot inside a temple in Seattle.

In both instances, the shooter reportedly made remarks about their target’s country of origin.

Where is the president’s public denunciation of these murders? Why is he tweeting about Arnold Schwarzenegger and ignoring the deaths of American citizens?

Why is he so quick to repudiate crimes committed by brown-skinned people, but silent when they are the victims?

This is not the America I know.

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