The Rockin’ 1000 is better than all of us.

Italian people apparently really like the Foo Fighters.

In case you missed it, in an incredible collaborative effort to convince the band to play a concert in northern Italy, 1,000 native rock musicians joined together for one epic performance of “Learn To Fly.”

The performance took more than a year to organize, according to the man who orchestrated it who speaks at the end of the video, and it’s easy to understand why. It wasn’t just the cumbersome task of getting all of the people and equipment in one place at one time that’s impressive, but the synchronicity of the musicians is truly astounding.

The instruments play in perfect unison, the voices coalesce into a pleasing harmony.

Rockin1000But what makes the video so enjoyable is the sheer joy and passion evident on the faces of everyone involved. They’re coming together to create something unique with their naturally given gifts, and they couldn’t look happier.

The world needs more artistry and creativity like this. And watching it — three times now — has made me lament the fact that I lack any semblance of musical ability, whatsoever.

If this project, called the Rockin’ 1000, wished to add me as the 1,001st member, the only help I could have contributed is handing out towels to the tired musicians after they finished rocking their faces off.

Or, seeing as my name is Dave and that these Italians have never seen the Foo Fighters live before, I maybe could have convinced them all that I actually was Dave Grohl, and seduced all of their women. Honestly, that plan offers much better odds than Tinder ever will.

But anyway, it didn’t take long for the performance to have its desired goal. Just one day after the video was posted to YouTube on Thursday, Dave Grohl responded in his own video, informing them in their native tongue that “we are coming.”

So there you go folks. If you desperately want to get a personalized performance of your favorite musician, all you need to do is arrange a gargantuan performance of their top song.

Which means all I need to do is find 999 musicians to swing a Taylor Swift song with me.

While I begin work on that, let’s go back to the late Cecil the Lion.

Outrage has not yet diminished. People have said that the dentist who killed him is the latest victim of Internet mob mentality. He’s the villain of the week, and will be long forgotten once a new evildoer pops up.

But I disagree. As I’ve said a million times, people love their animals. Heck, Jimmy Kimmel nearly broke down into tears just discussing the issue on his show. It’s a microcosm of how easy it is to gain America’s sympathy when you put a name and a face to an animal that has been wronged.

Not only that, but the act has brought about change in international policies. Delta has joined a number of airlines in banning animal trophies as cargo, including elephants, rhinos, tigers, lions, and every other animal Dorothy and Tin Man feared in the Wizard of Oz.

Anything that discourages big game hunting, I’m all for.

Although, here’s an idea: how about 1,000 hunters seeking out the dentist, Walter Palmer, in one big lethal pursuit?

We can call it the Huntin’ 1000!

Italy, get on this.

Kill a lion; become the most hated man in the world

Meet Dr. Walter Palmer. He lives in Minnesota. He is a dentist. And I’m sure he has immaculately straight teeth.

And everybody wants to punch him in the face. Hard.

By now I’m sure this story has come across your Facebook news feed at some point today. Palmer, a trophy hunter, paid $50,000 to hunt a lion in a Zimbabwe. With the help of local hunters, he lured it out of its sanctuary using an animal carcass, wounded it with an arrow, and after tracking it for two days, killed it with a gun, beheaded and skinned it, and left the corpse to rot.

Palmer did not not know that the 13-year-old lion, named Cecil, was a beloved animal in Zimbabwe, well known for his jet black mane. Cecil had a tracking device on because he was part of an Oxford University Research program.

Cecil LionAnd now, he’s dead, because some asshole gets pure joy out of brutally slaughtering nature’s most majestic creatures.

Animal lovers can take solace in the fact that Palmer’s life is pretty much ruined from here on out. A newly made Facebook page has thousands of comments shaming him, he is being sought by Zimbabwean officials on poaching charges, and not only is his practice closed, but it’s been turned into a makeshift memorial for Cecil.

Not only is trophy hunting abhorrent to begin with, but you have to be a real savage to want to kill an animal so badly that you’d pay 50 grand for it, fly across the world to even get to it, and then track it for two whole days.

It’s a real shame the lions didn’t get to him before he got to them.

As I’ve said dozens of times on this blog, you will garner America’s utmost vitriol if you harm animals. This even applies when that animal is one of nature’s most predatory, carnivorous beasts that would eat alive any human being put in front of it if given the chance.

Still, how can you actually look at a lion, in all its regal shape and form, and not think: this is truly a miraculous creature?

Everyone cried when Mufasa died in Lion King. So the public reaction should come as no surprise. We love all animals. Including lions.

Except one dentist from Minneapolis sure didn’t feel that way. And now he’s getting death threats.

I don’t know what laws he actually broke. But he needs to answer for what he’s done. And then give him a jury full of 12 Simbas.

But so the circle of life. We’re born, we grow up, we experience love and joy, and then we get killed by sadistic trophy hunters.

Seriously, this guy could go to hell.