America, it’s time to Make Donald Drumpf Again

The Donald Trump effect has been a wildly interesting phenomenon to follow.

And this is coming from somebody who detests the man. I deplore everything about him, and am dumbfounded by the amount of people who could listen to him speak and still say they support him.

But that’s the key. People are supporting him. Lots of people. And therefore, we must take him seriously.

Despite his bigoted and verbally abusive jargon, despite his apparent lack of interest in acquiring any knowledge regarding a single pertinent issue, and despite his glaring lack of qualifications to hold the most powerful position in the free world, he is still earning support.

Why he is gaining so many followers will be a case study for years to come. The easy answer is people are fed up with the establishment and appreciate his “outsider” status.

Donald Drumpf2.jpg

Deeper contemplation tells you that Trump is leeching his following from the most vulnerable and susceptible faction of our country — the intolerant and the uneducated. The people who lack the motivation or wherewithal to delve deeper into a candidate beyond what lies on the surface, and those who actually embrace divisiveness as the remedy for whatever shortcomings they believe exist.

But that’s a debate scholars will have many years from now when they return to 2016 to determine what the hell went wrong?

A more appropriate debate to have right now, on March 1, is to wonder why the hell it has taken so long for someone to directly challenge him?

His Republican competitors have mostly backed off, and their placement in the polls tells you how well that strategy fared. Even the media for the most part has taken it easy on him, instead writing simple reaction pieces anytime he says anything controversial.

And amazingly, it took a non-American to finally step up to the challenge.

John Oliver, a Brit, the heir apparent to Jon Stewart, and whose unique once-a-week long-John Oliverform broadcast journalism on HBO allows him to really hone in and pick apart a topic, officially launched a campaign last Sunday to demystify the aura that is Donald Trump.

And thus Donald Drumpf was born.

Oliver’s contention is that the only way to stop the Republican forerunner is to debrand him, and the sly comedian — amid many other brilliant observations and revelations — happened to find out that Donald Trump’s ancestors changed their last name from Drumpf to Trump.

And he ran with it.

By Monday, #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain was trending on Facebook and Twitter. And Donald Drumpf has become the second most searched candidate on Google.

Furthermore, the fact that Trump has yet to respond to Oliver’s takedown, nearly 48 hours later, is proof that he knows he can not match wits with the snarky Brit.

As I write this, Trump is currently dominating Super Tuesday, which shows that Oliver’s manifesto probably will not sway too many of his supporters. But it still implants the notion in the rest of the electorate that this man can not be taken seriously, and could go a long way in ensuring that he never wins a general election.

I’ve been a loyal John Oliver fan since his days on the Daily Show, and my admiration for him has only grown since he began hosting Last Week Tonight.

And if I’ve learned anything, then this is only the beginning,

Donald Drumpf, your days are numbered.

Leo finally gets his damn Oscar, and the Donald Trump takedown we’ve all been waiting for

Oh what a Sunday it was.

I couldn’t help but go to sleep last night with a giant grin on my face for two reasons, the second of which I’ll get to in a little bit.

The world can exhale. Leonardo Dicaprio has his Oscar. It’s amazing how much everybody was rooting for him, and it’s a testament to how many awesome movies he’s helped make in his career.

Coincidentally, earlier in the afternoon I was flipping through the channels and stumbled across Titanic. Naturally, it’s one of those movies that you linger on for a few seconds before changing. You check out exactly what part it’s up to, mentally calculate how long until you see Kate Winslet’s boobs, and then decide from there.

In this case, it had just started. My finger hovered over the channel button ready to push, and next thing I knew, it was three hours later and Rose was telling Jack she’ll never let go. Although, 19 years later, I still think both of them could have fit on that goddamn board.

Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar.jpg

And then when Leo won his Oscar several hours later, I couldn’t help but feel like I just watched his career come full circle before my eyes. Sure, there was about 11 Martin Scorsese movies in between, but you get the point.

To top it off, he delivered a poignant and resounding acceptance speech on the urgency of climate change and protecting our planet from political ignorance and corporate greed. He’s like a real life super hero.

It was a satisfying ending to what had been a pretty awesome Oscars telecast, in my mind, and one that took place amid a swirl of controversy regarding the lack of diversity in the Academy’s nominating process.

For once, the Oscars had a storyline. Usually it’s just awards and the occasional jokes, but this time … there was drama. And the Oscars was lucky that Chris Rock was there to address the elephant in the room in the best possible way.

In what I think will be a defining night in the comedian’s career, Chris Rock lent just the right tone to what is indeed a serious issue — but as Rock put it, not too serious in the grand scheme of things.

In his words, Hollywood is racist, although, not “burning-cross racist,” but rather, Chris Rock Oscars.jpg“sorority racist.”

The Oscars has regularly nominated white people, but, 50-plus years ago, Rock noted, black people were worried about more pressing problems, like lynching and rape, than who won best cinematography. He also went on to bash Jada Pinkett Smith, the black actress who first made a big stink about the show’s lack of diversity.

It’s about time that Hollywood studios start embracing the diversity that truly exists in the world. And that message was made loud and clear last night on the world’s biggest platform.

Aside from that, Weinblog history was made when Spotlight took best picture. For the first time ever, a movie that I picked as my #1 film of the year ended up taking the industry’s top prize. And it was very anti-climactic. In fact, I was starting to take pride in my inability to accurately pinpoint the year’s greatest film. It was starting to become “my thing.”

But no more. Oh well. I guess the spotlight has been turned off on that reality.

Don’t boo me on that one. It’s nearly impossible to make wholesome Spotlight joke considering the movie is about a sexual abuse scandal within the Catholic Church. I stand by it.

And one more thing I stand by? John Oliver. The man has been absolutely killing it — killing it — since his show, Last Week Tonight, began two years ago, and on Sunday night he took it to a new level by insulting one Donald J. Trump.

I’ve lectured you all enough for one day. So I’ll save my commentary on this epic takedown for tomorrow, and leave you with the video footage. If you haven’t seen it yet, do so now. It’s 21+ minutes long, but once you’ve finished, you’ll have wished it was longer.

Enjoy, and prepare to enter the words “Donald Drumpf” into your vocabulary.